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Experience Self-Love and change your life

Mantras for Self-Love

Find a comfortable seat and settle in.
Place your left hand on your heart and right on your belly.
Try repeating one of these healing mantras for several minutes, silently or aloud.
Feel the breath and the vibrations of the words as they resonate.
“I am not my body. I am not my mind. I am something divine.”
“I am enough. I have enough. I do enough.”

Sanskrit Mantra: Om Namah Shivaya meaning I bow to my truest self

or repeat a simple... “I love you.”

Awareness Meditation

1. Set up a sacred space.

2. Gently close your eyes and go into a meditative state.

3. When you are feeling peaceful, think of something you want to create in your life, whether its radiant health, financial abundance, harmony in a relationship or any other dream or goal.

4. Imagine how you would feel if you already had this goal realized in your life?

5. Notice the feeling state and the thoughts that go with this reality.

6. Now hold this energy state in your awareness--the feelings and thoughts--as long as you can.

7. When you are ready, come out of meditation. As you go about your day, hold the emotions and thoughts of the reality you want to create as if it is already your reality.

8. Do this meditation as often as you like. Continue to bring the emotional and mental vibrations of success into your being.

9. Notice what unfolds.

Self-Love Exercises from HighExistence

Note: These exercises might feel weird, awkward and fake at first, but that will change quickly. The phrase “fake it til you make it” really applies to self-love.

Mirror Exercise

I found this to be the most effective exercise, while also being the hardest to bring yourself to do because it’s so bizarre.
Go into a room with a mirror and lock the door. Get close to the mirror, no more than a foot away. Stare deep into your eyes for 2 minutes. Not in the way that you normally look at yourself in the mirror — actively become aware that this is you. Once that strange sensation comes over you, repeat the words ‘I love you’ out loud for a minute. Then begin stating things that you like about yourself — how you look, things that you’re good at, what you’re accomplished, etc.

Hug Yourself

This sounds really silly, but it feels fantastic. Reach your hands as far around you as possible and squeeze. Hold this for a minute or two while repeating ‘I love you’ and really feeling it. Focus your awareness on the area around your heart.

Reverse Each Criticism

Whenever you hear yourself criticizing yourself, immediately follow it up with two compliments, ideally but not necessarily related to the criticism.

Loving Meditation

Feeling love towards others is a good way to ramp up towards showing love to yourself. Go through the people you care most about in your mind and send them love. Picturing yourself giving them a huge hug. Wish them a fantastic day and the fulfillment of the dreams most dear to them. After you’ve gone through your family and closest friends, do the same for yourself.

Personal Day

If you have issues with valuing your own time, pick one day a week to focus entirely on yourself. Take the extra time to make the food you love the most, take an extra long shower, sleep in, etc. Show yourself love just like you would your significant other.
Love, Love, Love
Take a few introspective minutes to look for the indicators of self-love issues in your life. I cannot explain how empowering it feels to shift from a place of lack to a place of full self-love and acceptance. Self-love is the foundation for everything.

Visualization and Manifestation

"Since everything is created energetically in the etheric field, it is important to visualize the situation you want to manifest. For example, sit quietly undisturbed and imagine your desired situation in as complete a detail as possible. See the colors, the scents, the sounds, the feeling of great enjoyment over having this. If you can, encase this whole scene inside a transparent crystal shaped like a merkaba to add more power to it. Bring your image over your head and imagine energy going up from your heart to it. Feel it as much as possible for a few moments. Then imagine sending the scene above your head shooting out into space via a line extending above your head. By doing this you are sending your request via your higher self to your soul. Say, "this or something better" as you send it off. Do this daily for about five minutes and then continue on with your day. After a few weeks of doing this I am certain you will be receiving all sorts of new ideas, actions to take and new situations appearing in your reality, all aimed toward manifesting your desire."

~ Robert Hintzke

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Boost Your Immune System

Meditation to Boost Your Immune System
Originally taught on January 31, 1996.
This kriya is published in the manual “Praana Praanee Praanayam.”boost immune system
Sit in Easy Pose with your chin in and your chest out. Stick your tongue all the way out and keep it out as you rapidly breathe in and out through your mouth. This is called Dog Breath. Continue this panting diaphragmatic breath for 3-5 minutes.
To finish, inhale, and hold your breath for 15 seconds and press the tongue against the upper palate. Exhale. Repeat this sequence two more times.
This exercise brings energy to your immune system to fight infection. It is a very healing exercise. When you feel a tingling in your toes, thighs, and lower back it is an indication that you are doing this exercise correctly. Physical exercises and pranayam meditations are great ways to boost the immune system!

Meditation – Breath of Ten to Become Disease Free
This meditation can be found in the manual “Self-Experience.” 
Posture: Sit in any meditative posture, i.e., Easy Pose or in a chair with a straight spine with a light neck lock (Jalandhar Bandh).
Focus: The eyes are closed, looking upwards into the third eye point.
Breath: The breath is combined with the movement of the hands. Inhale in 5 strokes through the nose and exhale in 5 strokes through the mouth. Each stroke of breath is one clapping motion. Do not break the rhythm of the movement and breath.

Mantra: There is no mantra with this meditation.
Mudra: Your elbows are bent and your forearms and hands are relaxed and in a clapping position. Your hands move in and out like you are clapping but they do not touch. Stop the inward motion when the hands are about 6 to 8 inches apart. Move slowly and rhythmically. Concentrate on the energy that you can feel between the palms of your hands.
End: Inhale deeply, hold your breath for 20 seconds as you press your hands against your face as hard as you can. Exhale. Inhale deeply, hold your breath for 20 seconds as you strongly press your hands against your heart center. Exhale. Inhale deeply, hold your breath for 20 seconds as you press your hands against your navel point. Exhale and relax.
Comments: This is magnetic energy therapy. The energy connection between the hands must not be broken. This exercise triggers the command center to wake up the immune system.

Do this meditation every day for 11 minutes and it will put all the Chakras in rhythm.


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